Terms and Conditions:

Before starting your regular classes you must agree to the following terms and conditions including any future amendments.

  • If you pay the fee of a month but couldn’t tank any class of that month, the fee could be refunded.
  • Your monthly fee will be taken in advance in the first week of each month.
  •  After few classes if you decide to discontinue/ stop your classes (due to any reason) during the month, the fee of that month will not be refunded.
  • If you want to hold your classes for any limited period, it is not necessary that you’ll be given same teacher and time after coming back.
  • If you want same teacher and time after coming back from vacations, you have to reserve your teacher and time by paying 50% of the fee for that period in advance.
  • If you’ll be absent in any class due to any problem from your side, it is not necessary that you’ll get make up classes from your teacher.
  • After starting of your class in couldn’t complete by any issue, it is not necessary that you’ll be given make up class.
  • If you notify your teacher or coordinator at least two hours early about your Leave/ absence, you’ll be given make up class in another day/ time by the adjustment of teacher.
  • Quranic Classes can provide maximum 4 make up classes in a month.
  • If the teacher is not available for class, you‘ll be given a substitute class by another teacher at class time or by the same teacher at another adjustable time.
  • There will be no substitute classes for public Holidays.
  • Your teacher can be changed on your request, if another teacher is available.
  • Your class timing can be changed on you request, if same teacher has other time.
  • Your classes can be ceased, if you don’t pay fee within due dates.

Quranic Classes has these simple and easy to access conditions to keep safe from any complication later,