How it works:

By the Grace of Allah subhanhu-wta`ala we have complete solution for online Quran Learning, now it is very easy and simple for everyone from everywhere, you just need a computer/ laptop or any smart device to install a few software and save our syllabus, a high speed internet connection and headphones with microphone, our team help you in installation and adjustment of everything. To see the results of our services and qualities visit our free trail session, we ensure you that you will be satisfied and get many benefits insha Allah.

Most of the students can’t find their lesson on the page during the class and can’t follow the teacher, but we have complete solution of this problem with the help of marker which moves on the screen by teacher’s mouse, students can find their lesson easily, as well as by student’s mouse if teacher allow them. This is a good facility for students, in this way they can ask any question/rule any time.

If students get boring in the class, we provide them the control of our computer to move the marker on the screen for their drollery, we enable him again a sangfroid reader. That’s way our each student is a good reader as him/ his level. Our primary policy is to create a relationship between humanity and the Glorious Quran worldwide with the help of modern technology in this fast age.Adas pi

Our unique, friendly and politely method of teaching have a great reputation in the world. Almost all students and parents are satisfied with us. Join our Free Trail Session