Fee Policy:

Free Trial

This is 100% free trial and there are no conditions attached. You can continue after the free trial session. You can discontinue the service if for some reason this service does not work for you/ your child after free trial session.

Refund Policy:

If you have paid fee of a month but couldn’t take any class of that month, that fee would be refunded.

Public Holidays:

Fee is calculated on monthly basis, taking into account public holidays, therefore there is no concession in fee for Public/Islamic holidays.


Please Email your complaints to info@quranicclasses.com/ hafizsafdar20@gmail.com inshaALLAH we will respond within 2 business days maximum.

Payment of fee:

Fee is due within first week of the month. In case of late your classes could be stopped, where parent assures and promises the fee payment at a future date, Quranic Classes reserves the right to continue classes

Aim of this policy:

QuranicClasses.com doesn’t accept any donation. It runs on a small fee we receive from the students. In order for Quranic Classes to provide a high quality environment and an appropriate program for children and adult, we must remain financially viable. While ensuring fee levels are at an affordable level for families.

Note:  Our fee is not actually the fee to Quran teaching, because no Muslim can even think that can sell Quran. It is the cost of time spending of teachers, rants of many services which used to provide online classes, taxes, and provide free classes to Deservers people.