Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there any charge of trial session?
No, trial session is totally free of cost.
2Is that permissible to charge Quran Fee?
Our fee is not actually the fee to Quran teaching, because no Muslim can even think that can sell Quran. It is the cost of time spending of teachers, rants of many services which used to provide online classes, taxes, and provide free classes to Deservers people, no one can deny that every institute have expenses to run it, so this is not fee of Quran teaching.
3Is there any discount on the 2nd and 3rd family member? 
Yes, of course you can get 15% on 2nd and 30% on the 3rd family member.
4How can I submit my fee?
There are many services in worldwide, Western union, Express Money, Money Gram and any local bank.
5Can we get make up class, if we miss?
Yes, you can get your make up classes on an adjustable time by teacher.
6 Can we check out our classes/ fee history?
Yes, definitely you can check out your classes/ fee history.
7Is there possible to refund our fee if we couldn’t take any class the whole month?
Yes, of courses.
8Can we get free trial session on the 2nd or 3rd student?
Yes of courses
9How long we need to finish the Holy Quran?
It is depends on few things on student, like student’s talent, cuteness regularity, concentration, internet connection and technical melioration etc. So we can’t decide any time period.