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Quranic Classes is an Online Islamic institute who provides online Quran classes to learn the Holy Quran at home base. Quranic Classes offers one to one Quranic classes on your desired time and days with live Quran teachers. In this super-fast age, technology brought the people of the world so closer that with a single click you can start audio / video conversation with anyone sitting miles away in another country. This ease of communication brought revolutionary effects in education system, world’s top universities and other popular institutions started offering online study programs to the students, and online learning concept became popular for spreading knowledge around the world. Various other areas of studies it is also benefited for the Muslim community of the world to learn Quran teachings from qualified and expert Islamic Teacher. Now, Muslim kids, brothers and sisters can take online Quran classes from their own home on their suitable time. It doesn’t matter where do you live, you can take your classes around the world, we provide online Quranic Classes all around the world at equal base without going anywhere. Now Quran learning system is available in your home at your desired time, just Click Here to fill out the registration form to take a trial session which is totally free of cost, after our trial session you are free to decide for continue or discontinue.

We use very simple software/ applications which can be installed easily in laptop/desktop or other devices, as well as we help you completely to install/adjust the software and our syllabus in your computer to get easy access any time for the practice. Most of the people have driving/ timing problems to go to the MASJAD (Mosque) to learn the Holy Quran, to get deliverance from these problem visit us with a trail session which is totally free of cost. We are on 24/7 for your help, just Fill Up our registration form for 5 free trial classes, our representative will call you on the mentioned time, to complete help you for joining us for free trial for you satisfaction.

Our Tutors

To spread the Quranic teachings around the world with the help of technology we hired highly qualified, skillful male and female teachers, who have extensive knowledge about Islam and Quran, most of them are Hafiz-ul-Quran and Alim/ Alima, they are expert to teach online Quran in Urdu, English and Arabic languages. For your satisfaction we offer you to join us with a trial session which is totally free of cost, we ensure you that you will be satisfy with our services insha Allah, but you are free to take a decision for regular classes or discontinuous.

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Free Registration

Free Registration

We provides beneficial Quranic Courses, Norani Qaida for very beginning level students, Basic Quran Reading fluently, best Quran reciting with Tajweed/Qira’at, Special Qira’at-o-Tajweed course, Quran Memorization, Translation of the Holy Quran to understand the Glories Quran what it’s says, Hadith Learning, Urdu language who is a popular language in the world, Arabic Language who is JANNAH’s language. For Free Trial.

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Online Clasess Advantages

Made Easy
Quranic Classes has made much easy for everyone to learn how to read the Glorious Quran with live Quran Teachers while you are staying at your home, our way is totally change than other Co-Educational system. We provide one by one online classes with complete attentiveness. By the Blessedness of Lord our expert teachers have great handiness of teaching to all students of any age.
Time Saving
In this super-busy age, everyone is busy with his/ her daily routine even students with their education exertions, most of the students can’t go to the MASJAD (Mosque) to learn the Holy Quran due to shortage of time, Quranic Classes offers everyone to learn how to read the Glorious Quran with Tajweed rules at home. We are providing home to home Quran Courses with live Quran teachers. You can save your precious time with our best Quran teaching services.
Female Teachers
There are many problems for Muslim Sisters to go any outside institute for learning the Holy Quran. They doesn’t have a specific environment to learn the Glorious Quran. Quranic Classes offers all Muslim sisters and kids to start learning Glorified Quran with live qualified Female Quran teachers, who can comprehend better how to teach adult and older females, for your satisfaction we have a trial session free of cost.
Time Flexibility.
We provide one by one Quran classes to everyone on their own desired time. It doesn’t matter where do you live. We are available 24/7.
Make Up Classes
We provide make up classes on an advance notification by students on another day/ time in case of leave/ absence.
Feel free to contact us on anytime from anywhere, we’re open 24/7.

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